Contractors and Designers - Gravelle Woodworking Burlington


Strong partnerships equal happy customers. We are privileged to work with many third-party professional contractors and designers in the Burlington area who trust Gravelle Woodworking to translate their unique vision into reality.

Extension of Your Team

Contractors and designers approach us with a budget, floor plan and sometimes a concept. We work with them closely and typically provide the following services:

  • Attend site meetings
  • Create design plans
  • Provide finishing options and door style recommendations
  • Recommend and source hardware
  • On-site check-measure
  • Expert installation
  • Full cleanup after installation

Since 1981, Gravelle Woodworking has been known to deliver high quality workmanship with exceptional value. We understand the need to deliver on time and within budget to ensure a positive experience for your customer. Whether you need specialized millwork or have a tight budget, we have the flexibility and capacity to satisfy your unique needs.

Let Gravelle Woodworking be the one stop solution for your cabinetry need in Burlington. Contact us at 905.632.1056 to speak with one of our designers.