Spring forward into a new & improved cottage kitchen

When it comes to cottage kitchens, an update, renovation, or remodel is the top investment you can make in a cottage or home.

The Cottage Kitchen is the central hub for planning your activities,
playing games, bonding over a great meal, cooking the fresh caught fish, and spending time with family and friends.
The beauty of some of our best Canadian cottages is that they have held on to their history and their rustic nature in one way or another. 
Gravelle tries not to lose touch with the original building but leaves touches of creativity, personality, and beauty. From unified colour 
schemes to bold and bright kitchens defined by colour and design.
Our designers will transform your cottage kitchen from mundane to magnificent. 
You will find cottage kitchen inspiration for any style of home, from waterfront to country and Contemporary to Traditional.
A cottage bathroom needs to be both functional and serene, practical and a bit luxurious. 
The cottage bathroom is an intimate space whether it is a powder room, kid’s bath, or luxurious master
bathroom. Our creative designs, custom cabinetry and selection of fixtures will allow us to create 
amazing solutions for your cottage bathroom.
Bunk beds are not only a place to sleep but can be a child’s retreat. Our custom bunkbeds can be built to facilitate a growing 
family or for numerous guests arriving at the cottage. Gravelle not only looks at the lifestyle of the family, we create a standard 
of living for the entire family. We will design your cottage renovations with your cottage lifestyle in mind. We will build your kitchen, 
bathroom, fireplace mantel, or bunkbeds with our team of craftsmen and install everything with the upmost care.

At Gravelle we believe that home is where your heart is but, in the summer, it is at the cottage.